Rory Carson, (pictured above) who works on the BBC Panorama programme, has contacted our campaign seeking information on problems with Park Home ownership.

Note this information is requested for both Residential and Holiday sites. Please indicate the status of your park when contacting Rory

His request is shown in the following post:

Hi…. My name is Rory Carson, I’m a journalist for the BBC. For the past couple of weeks I have been speaking to a number of different people about some of the issues you are facing as part of a potential story I am researching on Park Homes and Holiday parks. I know there are loads of you and I have read some of the posts. The issues I have been told about range from being mis-sold a caravan, others have told me about increasing costs, others are at risk of eviction and some of you have lost thousands of pounds. I really believe there is an important story to be told. I am keen to speak to as many of you as possible….all at this stage off the record and confidential. If easier my email is or you can comment/send me a DM.

So if you have any experiences to report to Rory you can do so using his email address.

The more of our supporters who contact him the more chance that the plight of Park Home Owners will be broadcast on National Television.