Privacy Policy Notice

This notice is to explain the process used by the 


regarding our membership database.

  •      The      legal basis for needing members contact details is to allow the      committee to contact members by email for the following reasons: -

The monthly circulation of a newsletter.

Notice of any national or governmental information of interest.

Updates from park home organisations and charities.

Notices of any campaigns which are being planned and updates on progress.

Questionnaires from time to time to gauge members’ thoughts.

Any other information the committee consider necessary to keep members informed.

  •      The      data being collected will  cover the email address, full name, and      address of residents plus their telephone and/or mobile phone if      supplied by them. The supplying of full addresses is not mandatory      but does help with the planning of campaigns by knowing where in the      country most members are living, and which parks have the highest      membership.

  •      The      data collected will not be shared with any outside/third parties or      with other members.  The information supplied will only be seen by      the Administrative Officer and the General Secretary.

  •      The      data is held on a spreadsheet on the General Secretary’s PC and is      only shared with the Administrative Officer.

  •      The      data will be stored from year to year and updated when new members      join, or current members leave.

  •      If a      member wishes to check what information is being held they can ask      to inspect this by contacting the General Secretary.  Members have      the right to have their details edited or removed.      

  •      If a      member wishes to raise a complaint regarding the information being      held by PHOJC      they can do so by writing to the General Secretary.

By accepting this privacy policy, you are giving us permission to process your

personal data specifically for the purposes identified above.


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