The 10% Sales Commission

This unearned income is tantamount to the legal theft of park home owners’ equity and needs to be changed – BUT WITH NOTHING ADDED TO THE PITCH FEE.

The 10% Commission Charge remains top of PHOJC’s priorities. Your letters and the copies of the latest figurework prepared by PHOJC have been received in Westminster. We now need to make absolutely sure that these figures will be considered alongside the Universities report. As yet, we have no idea of when the Government will decide to give its decision, but if not before September 18th, we will be demonstrating again in London on that day. Full details can be found in our June Newsletter and details of the forthcoming Rally and Meeting in the Palace of Westminster will be made available in out July newsletter.

PHOJC is also campaigning to have a dedicated Park Homes Officer in every Local Authority.

We have written to every Local Authority CEO in England and have produced a questionnaire and a name & shame form. The information from the questionnaire will be used to produce statistics which show how park home residents are treated by local authorities.

The information from the Name and Shame Form will be used to provide a list of unscrupulous site owners.

Both the statistics from the Questionnaire and the information from the Name and Shame form will be presented to Government and the APPG for Park Homes.
Full details in our June Newsletter.